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Summer in Wiseburn

Partnership in Action

Summer in Wiseburn is made possible by a team of leaders and staff from Wiseburn USD, Da Vinci Schools, Wiseburn Education Foundation, and the Da Vinci Schools Fund who have banded together, in partnership, to build the vision and programming for Summer 2024 together.

We hope you, and your child(ren), enjoy what we've created.

The Vision

To create a summer camp experience, in Wiseburn, that brings kids and families together, in various ways, enriching their lives and bringing them joy.

The Partnership

The 2024 launch of Summer in Wiseburn marks the first time all four of our community's educational institutions and educational foundations have come together to offer a comprehensive suite of summer camp programming for our Wiseburn USD and Da Vinci students and families.

We are excited to offer these camps, not just for our community, but for kids from anywhere who want to come and enjoy summer with us in Wiseburn. 

The Commitment

Summer 2024 marks the first year that we are offering our Wiseburn + Da Vinci Summer Athletics Camps and it's the first time that we are offering a one-stop place for all families to book their child(ren)'s summer experience.

With this endeavor comes the commitment to all the values our schools stand for, which includes creating safe, enriching, inclusive environments where all kids can grow and thrive.

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